Fausto Nazer’s Pictorial Art

His artistic passion combined with an intimistic figurative touch tend to be the key elements defining the creations of autodidact artist Fausto Nazer.
At the beginning of his artistic journey, he first painted on canvas, exploring landscape scenes. The precision of his work, proportion - perspective associated with a concrete chromatic tend to give a concise and poetic mood to his creations.
The inspiration and the determination of Fausto Nazer allowed him to progressively develop the styles defining his pictorial creations. He explores the portraitist form and depicts numerous topical the- mes both from a technical and an emotional standpoint. Also, this last series of paintings are realised in a very specific way. The artist adopts a distinctive form of expression, inspired by cli- matic elements as the artist’s favourite subject is the rain. The story told throughout each new pictorial project succeeds in expressing a fully descriptive chromatic composition, resulting in a deep and moving form of communication. The travels and evolution of the talented Fausto Nazer allowed him to participate to numerous art events nationally and international- ly, winning multiple well-deserved awards, results of a rich expe- rience which brought him both personal and artistic satisfaction. Convinced of his extensive success in the future, we expect him to allow us to be once again the protagonists of his next imaginative and refined creations.

Anna Dato, Poetess